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Are you a First Time Home Buyer? Are you worried about the down payment when it comes to finding a new home? Are you worried that your income or your credit is not high enough to be able to buy a home?

You’re not alone if you said yes to all of these and the great news is that there are some really kick ass programs out there for first time home buyers just like you. These programs can help you in several ways:

  • Lower Down Payment Requirements (some programs even have $0 Down Payment requirements!)
  • Lower Credit Score Requirements (It’s lower than you may think!)
  • Provide Down Payment Assistance to pay most or all of your down payment
  • Allow the downpayment to be a “Gift” from a relative

With rent payments in California (especially San Diego and Riverside Counties), going up every month, with no end to the upward cost in site, we are starting to see that owning a home is actually more affordable than renting in a lot of areas. Not to mention, all of the homeownership benefits you are rewarded when owning your home vs. paying someone else’s mortgage (AKA Renting).