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It's Your HomeGirl....Drea Michelle

A little bit of sassiness, with a huge dose of relentless determination, mixed in with a touch of sweetness, stirred up with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, infused with wit, baked with a silly sense of humor, sprinkled with a need to “Keep It Real”, and topped off with a passion for helping others and doing the right thing—yep, that pretty much is ME! Drea Michelle.
I love making people’s dreams come true—yes, I know, sounds a little cliché, but keeping it real, Everyone has a dream. Whether it is to buy their first home, move up to a bigger home to fit a growing family, down-size to a smaller home after your lil birds have left the nest, or even taking that vacation to Bali you’ve always wanted, remodeling your kitchen and bathroom, funding your children’s college tuition, or turning your home into a “smart home”. These all are dreams I’ve helped make come true for others, and would love to do the same for you. You can say I’m a “Dream Catcher”.

My Professional Experience

I have over 14 years of experience in both the Mortgage and Real Estate arenas, rising to the top of the game in all aspects. I’ve been a Sr. Loan Processor, Operations Manager and Processing Manager for top retail lenders and mortgage brokers, often times being the “go-to” person when a loan was turned down by another lender. I pride myself in KNOWING my craft, especially the guidelines for all of the many loan programs out there, and am an expert in structuring loans to not only fit my client’s needs and wants, but also making sure it’s a perfect match with the loan program so we can get through to the finish line in the fastest and most efficient way possible. I also pride myself in being an expert in negotiations and extremely well-versed in real estate contract law & disclosures—Even while being the fairy god-mother to those chasing their home loan dream, I’ve also become a well-respected go-to person managing the real estate transactions for other Realtor’s as well—all because Real Estate and Home Loans are MY JAM! If you want your offer accepted while up against other buyers, or need your home to sell for top dollar, I’m the Realtor YOU WANT ON YOUR TEAM, hands down!

View my LinkedIn Reviews: www.linkedin.com/andreakyleresvcs

So if you are looking for the following when looking to purchase, sell or refinance your home, then I for sure am the HOME GIRL for YOU!

  • Straight shooter—I will give you REAL ADVICE, with a REAL Plan of Action that is REALLY Executable. I will work my ass off to make that dream of yours a reality
  • Technology Driven—I have the systems and tech in place to make the home purchase and/or sale process, as well as the loan process as smooth and fast as possible
  • Rooted in Integrity and transparency—I will find and present the best loan options I have available for your situation so you can make an educated, well-informed decision. If you are buying or selling your home, I will create a marketing and purchase plan that will get you top dollar for the sale of your home and/or put together an offer for the sellers to get your offer accepted.
  • Communication, Communication, Communication—I believe that keeping you in the loop at every step is key to making the ride as stress-free as possible. Because of this, I will stay in communication with you, whether it is via text, email or phone to let you know how things are coming along, as well as what is needed to proceed and why.

Bottom Line...I Got Your Back!